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Mark Rickert

Make money and travel: Off the grid apps

From the bloggers at Gone with the Wynns:

What’s crazier: Jumping out of a plane every day or quitting a six-figure job to live in a van?

The first time Jason Wynn spoke with Mark Rickert, of OTG Apps, he thought Mark was awesome.  Mark lives full time in a small RV, has a well-paying mobile friendly job, gets to camp for free most of the time and he has the ultimate thrill seeking hobby.

The Wynns invited Mark to share on his story on their  Make Money and Travel series and he “jumped” at the opportunity to share his story in the hopes of convincing others to take the “leap of faith” needed to follow their dreams.

“Around the time I started thinking about RVing full-time, I was learning to skydive,” Mark explained. “Because skydiving is a very weather-dependent sport it has a unique subculture. People actually leave their RVs at the drop zone (DZ) and stay there all weekend. I have lots of friends who drive to the DZ on Friday after work and leave on Sunday when the sun sets. It’s an extreme sport, but it’s also a way of life.”

To read the full interview at Gone with the Wynns, click here.

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