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Loving Our Life Adventure: Coming down to the wire

From the blogger at Loving Our Life Adventure.

We are counting down our last two weeks here in Key West. We’ve had a great time and have been staying busy, however it was time to pick a date and get back on the road. It was decided we would spend our last two weeks in Full Hook ups and be off from there. Speaking of Full Hook ups, we scored a great site, just feet from the water and great views, this will make our last two weeks here much nicer and even harder to leave. One thing we can say is, there is never a lack of activities here to keep you entertained. Since the last entry, we have been doing just that, keeping busy.

We have also been taking full advantage of our new inflatable kayak, when the wind isn’t to high to make paddling unenjoyable. We headed out with a group of friends to paddle along the shoreline here at the park and meeting up with several more folks floating in the Gulf. We ended up having just a big gathering, all while sitting in our kayaks and having a few cold ones.

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