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Motorhome on the road to Bryce canyon
Motorhome on the road to Bryce canyon

Lovin Our Life Adventures: Update and minor rant

From the bloggers at Lovin’ Our Life Adventures.

I’m still making my way back to OKC to be with Sheryl while she is helping our daughter recover from her back surgery. Good news, she is recovering well, her back and leg pain is gone, but she is still pretty sore at the bone graph site.

I left Florida a few days ago with plans to stop in New Orleans. It has been 25 or so years since I was last there and wanted to stop in and check it out again. I took up residence at the Navy Base Campground in Belle Chase just outside New Orleans.

Now the Navy Base and Campground here are very nice, a definite oasis from the big city. Last time I was here, New Orleans and the French Quarter was actually a pretty decent place to visit, fairly clean for being a big party area. This time however it’s a different story. Parking the Jeep on the Algiers side, I caught the ferry across to the Canal St area on the edge of the French Quarter.

Walking around the quarter I immediately began to notice a change. the whole area is dirty and smells like a landfill. There seems to be many more homeless people, drunks, panhandlers  and con men then ever before, just making for a very unpleasant time.

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