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Lovin-Our-Life Adventures: Week 2 here in Huntsville

From the bloggers at Lovin-Our-Life Adventures

Week two here in Huntsville has been pretty much the same as week one, a lot of just day to day living. You know, all the fun stuff, housekeeping, laundry, shopping………..ahhhhh the fulltime lifestyle, the fun never ends…..lol. We have gotten out and explored the town and checked out the fall colors in the nearby mountains. The fall colors have been nice, but due to the extreme drought conditions here in north east Alabama, they haven’t been amazing. The leaves do a quick color change then promptly dry out, shrivel up and fall, it’s been a bit disappointing, but still nice. I have done a little hiking it the mountains (see photo) and have been doing a lot of scouting around for photo locations which helps keep me entertained.

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