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Love Your RV: VamPLIERS screw extraction pliers review

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

I like to do most of my own repairs and maintenance on my RV. I also enjoy making many modifications and upgrades to it. So, being a sort of DIY type guy and a full-time RVer I carry a decent assortment of tools.

Recently a company called Vampire Tools offered to send me a couple of their screw extraction pliers called VamPLIERS for a review. Judging by the other reviews I found online, mainly from mechanics, they looked like a really handy tool. I was eager to add these to my pliers arsenal. Being an electronic repair technician by trade, I’m a bit of a pliers junkie. I’ve always invested money in high quality tools over the years, usually with names like Snap-on, Xcelite and Klein on them.

I received two different VamPLIERS. One was the 6.25” regular model and the other a larger 8” long lineman type. They also included a couple metal test blocks with screws in them. You see, these pliers are specially designed to remove screws where the head has become stripped or rusted making them impossible to get out with a screwdriver.

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