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Love Your RV: Upgrade ideas for your new RV

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

Yes, like any other product out there the manufacture is on the look out to keeping costs down and leave it up to the customer to add on or improve some things.

Drawing from my experience RVing full time here are a few of my upgrade ideas for you new RV folks, especially if you plan to do some dry camping with out the convenience of electric hookups. These upgrades will improve the comfort, usability off grid and add extra protection to that new or “new to you” RV.

Most new RVs come with a single 12 volt deep cycle battery to power the electrical when not hooked up to shore power. This is usually sufficient to power things for a few nights while dry camping. Adding an additional 12 volt battery or installing a pair of six volt golf cart type batteries will double or even triple the power capacity allowing for longer periods of RVing without power hookup or give the ability to run more of your electronic gadgetry.

Now that you have the extra 12 volt power storage capacity the next upgrade that is nice to have is an inverter. Inverters basically take the 12 volt DC power a battery has and changes it into 120 volt AC power like in your house power outlets. The inverter allows you to run things like TVs, small appliances, satellite boxes, etc. and gives you the ability to use the small AC chargers so many of our new gadgets use these days.

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