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Love Your RV: Summer RV renovation part 7 — finished results

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

So summer is drawing to a close and so is our RV renovation. We are super pleased with how everything turned out and happy to have a much easier to maintain RV interior.

The main goal of the renovation was to get rid of as much fabric materials as we could and replace them with leather and vinyl. Rather than having carpet and fabric furniture that hangs onto dog hair, dirt and smells, we now have for the most part easy to clean materials. The beagle’s hair just floats off everything and can be effortlessly swept up with a Swiffer sweeper or sucked up with a dustbuster.

It’s not all about a utilitarian design; we really love how it looks too! Anne and I are both fans of a clean uncluttered modern look and the new Infinity LWV flooring along with the leather/vinyl furniture has really changed the décor to favor that style.

To finish off the summer reno project, I ripped out the piece of carpet in the common area shared by the bedroom and bathroom. Underneath I thought I would, like elsewhere in the rig, find linoleum type flooring. For the most part, it was true except for a small area at the foot of the bed which turned out to be just chipboard.

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