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Love Your RV: RVing with a dog – advice from a full-time RVer

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

One of the many benefits to RV travel is the ability to bring along our dogs. For many people, their dog is more than a pet but a member of the family. This is the case with my wife and I and our little beagle Angie. She is like a furry little child to us. For over four years now we have lived and traveled the country in our fifth wheel and Angie has gone everywhere with us.

Over the years, I have learned a few things to make sharing the rig with our pooch a little easier and enjoyable for us both. I hope you find the following tips and advice helpful if you are also planning on RVing with a dog.

Avoid Fabrics in the RV Décor

Unfortunately, many of our best friends tend to smell, drool and shed copious amounts of hair. They also have been known to upchuck and have the odd bathroom-related accidents. They are just facts of life when you are a dog. For these reasons if I was buying the rig all over again I would have paid more attention to the amount of fabric present in its décor.
Removing Rovers Smell

Dogs are going to smell up the rig, no doubt about it, some breeds worse than others. Our beagle is not super smelly as breeds go but she is a hound and does have a little oil to her coat. Plus she has been known to roll in some less than, shall we say, sweet smelling things.

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