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Love Your RV: Review of the ReVo Leveler Trailer Leveling Aid

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

Why Level the RV?

Experienced RVers know how important a level RV can be. Most RV fridges need to be level to run efficiently. But, beyond the fridge there are several other good reasons to get the rig nice and level.

  1. All the doors in the rig won’t be swinging around wildly.
  2. The plumbing and waste tanks will drain properly.
  3. Your morning eggs will stay in the middle of the frying pan.
  4. Walking around an unleveled RV can kind of give you a fun house effect.

Trailer Leveling

For many lucky folks nowadays rigs come with an automatic leveling system. With a touch of a button, hydraulic jacks automatically take care of the leveling. Must be nice. But, for the majority of trailer owners we are left to figuring out how to level our rigs manually.  Usually, this is done with good old wood boards, plastic leveling blocks or ramps under the wheels on one side of the trailer and a bit of guess work using bubble levels as a reference.

To read the full story by Love Your RV, click here.

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