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Love Your RV: Renogy Firefly review part 3

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

So far in my extensive review of new Firefly portable power box from Renogy I first (Part One) gave you my initial impressions of the build quality and functionality. Then (Part Two) let you have a look with me inside to examine the guts of the beast, offering my opinion as an experienced electronics repair tech.

Now in Part Three of my review I put the Renogy Firefly through a series of real-world tests. You can find official specs for the unit in a downloadable PDF user manual on the Renogy website. The tests I did are very informal, but hopefully they will give you somewhat of an idea of how the little power box performs.

The first test I did was to take the fully charged Firefly let it power my laptop using it’s built in inverter without solar until fully depleted. Turns out it was able to run my rated 45-watt laptop for almost 10 hours. It would likely last even longer if I had not disabled all power saving options on the laptop.

To read the full story by Love Your RV, click here.

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