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Love Your RV: My new RVing gadget — Garmin Dash Cam 20

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

Scratch another one off the old Love Your RV wish list. On Christmas morning, my lovely wife Anne surprised me with an extra present. She said I had been a very good boy this year and deserved something extra. I was shocked when I opened a brand new Garmin 20 Dash Cam!

I’ve been considering a dash cam for a while now but since it is not an essential item it’s been pushed off the “must have list” to the “want to have list”. As non-retired fulltime RVers we have to watch our budget. Being frugal is what keeps us on the road living this incredible lifestyle.

Why I wanted a Dash Cam?

There are several reasons why a dash cam was on my wish list:

  • It is a great thing to have if involved in any type of accident. Video footage is golden after the fact. Also, a great way to prevent fraud.
  • It would be an awesome addition to my YouTube videos. Many times I’ve wanted to show the drive into a special camp spot.
  • Capturing interesting things from the road. Usually by the time we see something cool we are already past it. The dash cam is always watching.
  • The dash cam could be used as a security camera around the RV while we are away.
  • Many dash cams now come with built-in GPS and G-force sensors.

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