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Love Your RV: My friend’s awesome 580 watt RV solar power system

From the bloggers Love Your RV.

I recently had the great pleasure to meetup and do some boondocking with some RVing friends from Wyoming.

Eddie, his wife Aileen and daughter Laura are full time RVers living in their 40 foot fifth wheel. This winter they decided to venture down to the southwest and our paths were able to cross.  We had some great fun hanging out together in a few “off the grid” free BLM camping locations such as Bisti Badlands in New Mexico and the Valley of the Gods over in southern Utah.

Eddie has his rig really decked out for dry camping including 580 watts of solar panels on the roof. Ever since he posted photos of his solar system and electrical wiring setup on line I’ve been eager to get a closer look. The install is very complex but neatly laid out using high quality materials. Looks like something NASA engineers would build!

Eddie was kind enough to go through the whole system with me explaining the operation and how he did the install and materials used. He saved tons of money by doing the work himself. In my opinion he did a much better job than many professional solar installers would do since he was able to take his time.

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