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Love Your RV: Maintaining and testing my RV batteries

From the bloggers at Love Your RV:

All the batteries in our rig are of the lead-acid (wet cell) variety. There are other types commonly used in RV nowadays such as gel cell, AGM (absorbed glass mat) and even lithium ion. This article will only deal with my lead acid type which are generally cheaper but require a little more on the maintenance side of things.

My Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer came new from the dealer with a single 12-volt deep cycle type battery. Because we enjoying spending time off the grid I installed an additional pair of higher capacity 6-volt golf cart batteries to use when boondocking. Also, our big Ford diesel truck is equipped with a pair of large 12-volt automotive starting batteries.

That’s five lead acid batteries in total to keep maintained and operating in tip-top condition. It doesn’t take too much neglect to seriously lower your batteries performance. Things like corroded terminals and low fluid levels can have a dramatic effect. Luckily maintenance is very simple, you just need to take a few precautions because are dealing with very corrosive sulfuric acid.

To view Love Your RV’s recommended steps for testing batteries and ensuring they remain in tip-top shape, click here.

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