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Love Your RV: Bogart SC2030 CC and Trimetric TM2030-RV installation

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

So, if you have been following my blog for the last while you will know that I have upgraded the RV battery bank from two six volt golf cart batteries to four. And just last week I added two more Renogy 100 watt panels to the roof for a total four.

Now that I have 400 watts of solar power and 464 ampere hours of battery capacity I’ve decided to install myself a quality battery system power monitor, plus its companion charge controller. Both the controller and monitor I’m adding to my system are made by Bogart Engineering. This article will cover why I chose these particular products and how I installed them in my Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer.

Why I chose the SC2030 and TM2030-RV

The Trimetric was always high on my list of possible battery monitors. It seems to be widely accepted as one of the best. A good boondocker friend of mine uses it along with a TriStar TS45 controller and they work great together. I was leaning towards one of those until I started to read about the unique benefits of pairing the Trimetric with its companion charge controller the Bogart SC2030.

To read the full story by Love Your RV, click here.

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