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Love Your RV: Are your RV storage bay locks secure?

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

Did you know that if you have a key for your RV storage compartments marked CH751 that almost any other RVer can open them? What!? Yes it is true; many manufactures use the exact same key for all the RV storage bay locks.

I guess it saves them a lot of hassle and of course money. Now, we all know the typical, flimsy RV storage compartment doors aren’t really going to slow down a determined criminal but it would be nice if at least we could keep out noisy neighbors and thieves looking for an easy score.

Most folks I know would assume if someone opened a door with a key that they aren’t in the act of committing a crime and not pay much attention. With this in mind I decided to upgrade my RV storage bay locks to better quality and uniquely keyed locks.

To read the full story by Love Your RV, click here.

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