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Love Your RV: An afternoon visit to Boquillas Del Carmen, Mexico

From the bloggers at Love Your RV:

We headed over to Boquillas on a nice sunny 70’s degree February day from our campsite at the Rio Grande Village in the national park. The border crossing is only a five minute drive from the campground. You go through a very modern new building on the USA side and walk a path down to the Rio Grande River. The river at this point is so shallow and lazy you could likely wade across but a nice young guy in a rowboat picked us up. Five bucks each for the Boquillas International Ferry. Two minutes later we were standing on the other bank in Mexico!

Next we had to pick our mode of transportation from the river crossing up to the town about a mile off. We could walk; get a ride in a truck or by horse or burro. The latter three being another 5 bucks each. After a little coaxing from my wife, Anne, I was aboard my first burro. She couldn’t wipe the grin off of her face watching me on my little burro named Pancho. It was a pretty cute one.

Our burro leader named Loupe was also to be our guide for the visit. Loupe then led us to the main part of town which consists of a few restaurants, a bar and some shops selling touristy knick-knacks and clothing. Most folks head straight to the Jose Falcon’s Restaurant, a locally famous Boquillas Del Carmen eatery and bar.

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