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Love Your RV: 20 more RV upgrades to our fifth wheel trailer

From the bloggers at Love Your RV.

Last spring I detailed 20 RV upgrades I had done to our 2011 Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer to make our RVing life a little more enjoyable.

Well, I have been a busy boy since then and I’m back again with another 20. Many of these upgrades are designed to make our rig better suited for life off the grid. We love nothing more than to camp self-contained in beautiful landscapes.

Another selection of upgrades will make life inside the RV more comfortable and convenient for our unique lifestyle. Instead of the living with the generic manufacturer layout. I hope you enjoy a look at these upgrades and pick up few ideas for your own RV.

Our RV came with a tilt up bed frame with scads of underneath storage. We use it a lot! The problem was it’s quite dark under there and we were always using a flashlight at night to find things. With a simple little 12-volt wiring modification and the addition of an automotive dome light activated by a magnetic reed switch, the problem was solved. I used a spare LED lamp I had to save energy and make the low current magnetic switch feasible.`

To read the full story by Love Your RV, click here.

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