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Love Your RV: Tips for keeping the RV cool without AC

We could fire up our two 2000 watt Champion generators paralleled together but that is more of an emergency cooling option and not really practical in the reality. So we have found many tips and tricks for keeping the RV cool with out the regular air conditioner.

Where and in what direction you park the RV can have a dramatic effect on the suns effect on internal temperatures. Setting up beside a nice shady tree is one way to reduce the suns impact. Another is to position the RV so the midday sun is shining on the side of the RV with less window area. On most RVs this seems to be the side with the entrance door. Usually on this side is also a large awning that can be deployed to give further shade to the rig. Keep these things in mind when booking a site. You can use a satellite view to check out the available campsites and see which ones are more favorable.

In my experience the biggest transfer of heat from the outside comes through our large picture windows. Even though they are double pane and slightly tinted, when the sun shines straight on them the rigs internal temps rise quickly. What I do to combat this is insert some reflective bubble insulation called Reflectix and lower the night shades.

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