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Looproop in use

LoopRope offers flexibility in securing items

MEDFORD, Ore. — Whether people are hitting the road in their RV, heading for the hills with a backpack on their shoulders, rafting the wild and scenic waters or riding down the highway on the back of a motorcycle, it’s easy to get tied up in knots trying to secure your gear.

Green LoopRopeIf you’re all thumbs, it’s hard to master those rope tricks necessary to tie down your cargo-tangled lines and troublesome knots are usually the result. Bungee cords can be equally frustrating, and present the risk of detaching and snapping back in the face of users. Just hauling the backyard barbecue grill, coolers and chairs to a popular picnic spot can be a hassle.

Troublesome tie-downs should not put a kink in any plans. The revolutionary LoopRope fastening system takes the snap, crackle and pop out of bungee cords, and the guesswork out of tying the proper knot. Users simply loop, clip and go.

The LoopRope is a five-foot long rope with a series of loops crimped at intervals down the length of the rope. Each loop serves as another fastening point utilizing double- gated stainless steel carabiners. One three- or five-foot fastening system gives users 10 custom tie-down lengths with more than 18 attachment points.

One rope can be used to tie down multiple items, or two ropes together create a custom cargo net. The doubled-up, one-quarter-inch heavy duty shock cord and military-strength safety clips can handle nearly every light- to medium-duty fastening need; multiple ropes fastened together can secure heavier loads.

All it takes is three simple steps. Just loop the end around a fixed tie point and pull the entire rope through the first loop. Choose any loop to hold corners, edges or handles to add the right amount of tension. Then clip the other end to a fixed point. The LoopRope never tangles and is knot-free.

The LoopRope is multi-purpose. It’s also a nifty clothesline for a campsite, a space-saving carrier for fishing rods, and a handy leash for walking a dog. The adjustability and versatility of LoopRope make it perfect for all your RV trips, the release noted.

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