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Living the RV Dream: RV tire blowout

From the bloggers at Living the RV Dream.

RV Tips is the focus on this week’s show. We cover quite a few including some safety tire tips.

We kick off this session of RV Tips with a short history of Camping. This is a collection of interesting facts and dates for items such as campgrounds, tents, lanterns, stoves, cooler chests, air mattress, and sleeping bags. Funny how the military had such a hand in equipment development.

Kathy discusses some items that should be in a campground store. This came from a discussion on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group.

Next we talk tire safety and especially as pertains to steel sidewall tires. These can explode when they have been damaged by being under inflated by as little as 20% below normal pressure. There is some really good advice here.

To read the full story by Living the RV Dream, click here.

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