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Living the RV Dream: Extended warranties

From the podcasters at Living the RV Dream:

Our subject this week is extended RV warranties. We are quite fortunate to have with us Chris Yust, RV insurance specialist and agent. Chris was our guest once before for one of our most downloaded podcasts all about RV Insurance.

This show is a complement to the earlier one. This time, the primary subject is the RV extended warranty, or extended service plan. This topic has become somewhat controversial with some folks questioning the cost of the premium as opposed to what they can set aside themselves for repairs. We’ll look at both sides.

We start with the difference between an extended warranty and an insurance policy. We discuss the difference between an inclusionary policy and an exclusionary policy and why the exclusionary one is best.

Throughout this interview we stress that you must read the fine print.

To listen to the podcast, which also gets into processing claims and deductibles, click here.

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