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Living the RV Dream: All about RV Clubs

From the podcasters at Living the RV Dream:

This show is all about RV clubs. We start out with a very informative interview with Travis and Melanie Carr, from the Escapees RV Club. They represent the younger generation of RVers and we discuss Xscapers, the newest Escapees’ group targeting younger families who are new to RVing.

Another RV club devoted to younger families, especially with kids, is the Fulltime Families organization. They have much to offer families RVing with children.

Next we talk about the Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA), a club for owners of motorized RVs. We spend some time describing the Special Military Active and Retired Travel Club, made up of active, retired, and honorably discharged veterans of all branches of the military.

RVing Women is a national network whose members are from the United States and Canada. They have 16 chapters across the country.

To listen to Living the RV Dream’s podcast, click here.

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