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Live. Work. Dream.: The best way to weigh your RV

From the bloggers at Live. Work. Dream.

Seems like we’re all wrestling with the “fit or fat” question. Whether it’s our bodies or our RVs, most of us carry too much weight around. When Jim and I upgraded to our bunkhouse fifth wheel, we had to be certain that our Dodge RAM 2500 diesel could safely tow it. We could have gotten weighed at a CAT scale like before, but now we know better. The only and best way to weigh your RV is to visit an official RV weighing site like those found at Escapees SmartWeigh.

Why CAT scales don’t weigh your RV properly

Many RVers think that CAT scales are the best way to weigh your RV. We did too. But that’s just wrong. Don’t believe me? See what Escapees RV Club’s Smart Weigh program has to say:

“Truck scales are platform scales, which give you only the weight for the axle. Individual wheel weights are necessary to identify and resolve side-to-side balance and tire loading issues. Truck platform scales can actually give you a false “safe” indication and allow you to operate with one or more tires overloaded.”

To read the full story by Live. Work. Dream., click here.

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