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Live. Work. Dream.: Will work for pie

From the bloggers at Live. Work. Dream.

There’s a little slice of heaven at the Pie-O-Neer Cafe in Pie Town, N.M., and we’ve had a fondness for it ever since our first visit in 2008.

Although we’ve enjoyed many offbeat places in our travels, only two are so special they give us the feeling that we’ve just steered our rig right into the center of the universe: Luckenbach Texas being one and the Pie-O-Neer being the other. Recently we made a special stop at this favorite haunt when I donned an apron and became Pie Lady for the day

Each bite of magical homemade pie from Kathy Knapp’s kitchen is its own little unforgettable piegasm. After 20 years of being a relatively obscure but well-loved roadside attraction, TV personalities like Bill Geist and documentary makers have finally noticed and now the Pie-O-Neer is a foodie destination.

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