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Live. Work. Dream.: So long slab city

From the bloggers at Live. Work. Dream.

Sometimes a place compels you to return over and over again. For us, that place is Slab City, the last free place on earth.

Ever since our first visit with Skinny Chef and Flux several years ago, we can’t get enough of the place.

Truth is, most people who visit are appalled by the Slabs. They just can’t get past the garbage.

And everyone who is curious but not brave enough to make the trek wants to know, “Is it really as bad as they say it is?”

To that we say: do you really believe everything you see and hear on the Internet?

If so, well then sorry for you. Go plug in at your cozy cookie-cutter RV park and enjoy. We’ll pass.

The Slabs aren’t for everyone but if you have an open mind and heart you’re bound to enjoy yourself. Stick around, get to know your neighbors and do things. Pretty soon you might find that it grows on you.

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