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Live. Work. Dream.: Keep that cord plug covered

From the bloggers at Live. Work. Dream.

As I walked through “The Big Tent” at the annual Quartzsite RV Show earlier today, I searched for something new and exciting to share with you here. I quickly scanned every booth while shuffling along as fast as I could through the throngs of awestruck attendees with canes and pet strollers or those rolling along in rented mobility scooters.

Honestly though, I found absolutely nothing worth reporting—nothing but the usual pain relief packs, anti-aging creams, polishing compounds, collapsible kitchen containers, rug rakes, and nonstick cookware.

Instead, I’ll tell you about a simple little gadget we recently added to our toolbox of little known RV tips and tricks.

How to protect your RV trailer cord

A while back, the fine folks at GR innovations sent us a Plug Saver to review. This simple plastic cap snaps on to the end of your trailer cord to protect it from the elements and debris whenever it’s not plugged in.

To read the full story by Live. Work. Dream., click here.

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