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Live. Work. Dream.: How not to find a workamping job

From the bloggers at Live. Work. Dream.

As admin of the Workampers Facebook Group since 2012, I’ve seen many people over the years complain about how hard it is to find workamping jobs. (It’s not hard, but more on that later.) I have also seen some pretty feeble attempts by others to actually get said jobs.

Here are a few sure-fire ways not to get hired as a workamper.

Employers hiring workampers are looking for people who can follow directions and think for themselves. So, if you see a job listing that asks you to send a resume, then send a resume. If it provides a website or email address for more information, visit the website and send an email. If no website is listed, search for it. Most importantly, however, if a potential employer gives a phone number to call, pick up the phone if you want the job!

Taking a few minutes to do your homework about your potential employers will save them time, and show them you have the initiative it takes to get the job done. Expecting an employer to reach out to you by typing “interested” or “following” simply leaves the door open for other more motivated workampers to get the job, before you get a reply.

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