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Live Work Dream: How Coach-Net saved our dodge and kept us sane on the road

From the bloggers at Live Work Dream.

You know you’ve earned your full-time RVing merit badge when you can consistently maintain a sense of humor when things go wrong. This lifestyle can look like one awesome, ongoing dream but even with several years and thousands of miles of full-timing under your belt, tough times happen. How you prepare for them will determine if you are cut out for a life on wheels.
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Missed it by That Much!

After eight years on the road, we finally earned our full-time RVing merit badge. We just returned from a long and eventful road trip to the West Coast for our new RVDatasat 840 satellite system and two big family gatherings.

In preparation for the 3,500 mile jaunt we had our truck inspected at our favorite Fort Collins, Colo., auto shop – or so we thought it was inspected. . .

The outbound trip was faster than we would have liked but everything went great and the Universe rewarded us with good times among friends and family.

But on the return trip to Colorado, Mercury moved into retrograde and everything went to hell. The day we began our descent into the long stretch of barren I-80 asphalt between Truckee, California and Salt Lake City, the road tripping gods pummeled us with a slew of mishaps.

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