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Live Mint: Big Bend National Park, Texas

From the bloggers at Live Mint.

In the morning, we ran into the park ranger. A sprightly woman of about 65 in a khaki uniform, she emerged from the gigantic RV she shared with her husband. “Ah,” we thought on seeing her, “she’ll have the answer!” So we ran after her and asked.

“Bear!” we thought she’d say. We wanted her to say. But she didn’t.

We had been on the road all of the previous day. No surprise there: Big Bend National Park in western Texas is the kind of place that takes all day to reach, regardless of where you start from. And since it’s 100 miles or more from the nearest reasonable towns, you have to really want to go to Big Bend. And boy, I wanted to go.

On a visit years ago, we had lugged along a small but powerful Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope to train on Big Bend’s famously pristine night skies. We shivered as we peered, sitting outside our tents. But my reward was my first-ever sight of Saturn’s rings, and it filled me with a thrill I still hold on to.

On another visit, two of us tried to wade across the Rio Grande. The river forms the border with Mexico in that part of Texas, and the huge curve it makes there gives the park its name. There’s a spot, with dramatic cliffs on either side, where the river is no more than 20-30m across.

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