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What is it like to live in an RV full time?

If nothing else, automobiles have an uncanny ability to stir wanderlust in their drivers and perhaps no other vehicle is more effective in that regard than the recreational vehicle, or RV. Whether for a memory-making haul with the family or a solo quest for something hiding just beyond the horizon, RVs are often the vehicles of choice. RVs outside Calgary, Alberta, in town for the city’s annual Stampede.

To find whether the RV lifestyle was as idyllic as it sometimes appears, BBC Autos scoured, the question and answer community, to peek into the lives of true RVers. Some answers propped up picturesque notions, while others spoke to the harsher realities of a life lived mere feet above the pavement.

But not everyone waits until they’ve completed their working years. Some travel in search of a calling that has eluded them. “I did it in my 30s while traveling across country to decide what career would be best for me,” Quora user Teri Blaschke said. “I was amazed at how easy it was to obtain employment at a variety of places [on the road], as long as you weren’t too picky. It really opens your eyes to how other people live and the possibilities out there.”

To read the full story in BBC, click here.

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