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Night Glow Seats - green

Light up your toilet with Glow Seats

Night Glow Seats introduces a unique way to help RVers find the bathroom without turning on lights and waking everyone else.

The glow-in-the-dark toilet seats stay lit all night long after a charge from any light source, sun or lightbulbs.

The device is available in blue and green and fits round and elongated bowl styles, although the green seats glow 20 percent brighter. In daylight, they appear to be whitish and fit with any toilet color, the company explained.

The seats are constructed with high-quality, integrally-molded sanitary bumpers. It’s safe to use standard household cleaners and even strong chemicals, the release noted.

Night Glow seats retain their brightness for five years, based on current testing. They are guaranteed to glow for three years and come with a one-year warranty on breakage, including hinges, during normal use.

The company maintains a distribution center in Lebanon, Tenn., in addition to its factory in Windsor, Ont.

For more information, visit or call 705.293.1933.

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