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Life on the road demands a leisurely pace

Life on the road in an RV is not always how you picture it.

When we first made our plans, we envisioned our life on the road checking off our list of must see items or putting Xs all over the pages of our copy of “1000 Places to See Before You Die.”

But, after a few months, burn out began to set in, and we found ourselves rushing through or barely glancing at some of those things we had so looked forward to seeing and experiencing.

Travaglino - fallsWhile in Portland, Ore., a friend mentioned that we would be in the vicinity of one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls. Our family loves waterfalls and we were excited to be awash in the spray at Multnomah Falls.

But when we had the opportunity to actually see it, we were all so exhausted that we just sat in the car, in the parking lot, peeking at it between the rushing trucks on the highway.

This scenario was never part of my “life on the road” picture – and yet – there we were – all too tired and uninspired to actually unbuckle.

We never even turned the engine off. We just stayed in our seats, told the kids to crane their necks so they could see the majestic rushing falls, and then we got back on the highway.

Had you told me this scenario was more than a possibility before we headed out, I would have never believed you.

So full of curiosity were we to see and do everything, but in our travels, we have met with a multitude of families on the road, who have very similar stories.

Who passed up the petrified forest to get a screaming toddler a happy meal? Who missed putting their feet in the Pacific because there were too many stairs? Who sat in the parking lot and napped at the Grand Canyon?

After this turning point, we decided that our life on the road was speeding past us. We couldn’t even keep up with it, so we made the conscious decision to SLOW DOWN.

We’ve been spending more time in an area so we can truly appreciate the scenery and the natural offerings there. Setting a new pace has been beneficial to all of us and we are all enjoying our journey immensely.

About Chris Travaglino

Christopher Travaglino is a full-time RVer and founder of Fulltime Families, a support group for RVers with school age children. He and his wife, Kimberly, have four children and travel the country in a fifth wheel. Christopher is a web developer by trade and also works as a health coach for Take Shape For Life. He can be reached at

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