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recreational vehicles traveling on the highway
recreational vehicles traveling on the highway

The Let Go Life: It’s time to move

From the bloggers at The Let Go Life.

After living in our Columbus 5th wheel full-time for a year and a half, I was very settled and comfortable.  I knew everything about the unit, and I was used to our routine.  I loved the floor plan, and my mom was just about to make personalized window treatments to make it even more “homey.”  I truly felt at home in it, and I was very happy with it (except for the two weeks the washing machine was broken; that was absolute hell.)  Enter the Weigh Station.

Eric and I own an RV technology company, and we carry a lot of inventory and trade show fixtures, and when we weighed the RV on a trip, we realized we were seriously pushing the maximum weight we were supposed to carry with the RV, and we didn’t even have everything in it!  It was the moment of truth: get rid of the majority of our personal things in order to carry business things around (not really an option), or upgrade to a Class A motor home where we could carry far more weight with no problems.

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