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Leisure Travel - St Louis

Leisure Travel Vans: St. Louis has soul

From the bloggers at Leisure Travel Vans:

St. Louis was only supposed to be a good stopping point, about halfway between Memphis and Chicago, where we had planned to visit with friends. However the minute we drove into town we both got that feeling of excitement we’ve come to know that bubbles up when a town has that special vibe.

And St. Louis has it. Maybe it’s the view of the magnificent Gateway Arch, the towering structure built in 1965 to commemorate the westward expansion of the United States. We were awed as we drove down Market Street, closer and closer to the 630 ft. tall structure, the tallest monument in the United States. The Gateway Arch has become known all over the world as the symbol of St. Louis.

Or perhaps it is the impressive Union Station, the massive stone Romanesque style building that epitomizes the grandeur of times past, when train travel was elegant and fashionable. Once one of the nation’s busiest railroad stations, it is now like a small city inside: shops, restaurants, a hotel and entertainment complex.

St. Louis continued to surprise us when we discovered that three of the top blues clubs were all on the same street, only three miles from our campground.

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