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Leisure Travel Vans: Newfoundland’s Kittiwake Coast

From Leisure Travel Vans:

Just when you think you’ve seen the best Newfoundland has to offer, you discover the Kittiwake Coast.

It’s Shangri La, a beautiful land filled with trees, hills and water. It’s a land that still retains some customs and vocabulary of ages past, yet lacks very little in the way of modernization.

The Kittiwake Coast comprises a long stretch of coast north of Gander. The variety of scenery and topography found here is unmatched anywhere else in Newfoundland. Its deeply indented coast is home to a myriad of harbours and fishing villages whose ‘old world’ charm will coax you to stay a little longer. The absence of easy access to the mainland helped keep many of the island communities unique.

Causeways now connect several of the scattered islands, allowing access to a countryside that resembles the lake country of Ontario. This coast also has an unusual claim to fame. According to the Flat Earth Society, Brimestone Head on Fogo Island, is one of the four corners of the earth.

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