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Leisure Travel - New Mexico

Leisure Travel: The enchantment of Arizona and New Mexico

From the bloggers at Leisure Travel Vans:

The last of the drive from New Mexico to Arizona was magnificent, although two hours up and down winding, two-lane mountain roads with heavy wind blowing made for harrowing driving. The views (which only I could see since Allie was so carefully watching the road) made up for everything – miles and miles of mountains, red rock nearby and black towering peaks on the horizon, topped with low hanging clouds.

As we drove along the Rio Grande Gorge with white water and mountains on both sides, marvelling at each new aspect of this wonderful river, I fell in love with New Mexico.

When we thought nothing more could surprise us, three huge hot air balloons floated over the desert looking like multi-colored lollipops. Though man-made, they fit into the scenery as if they belonged there.

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