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Leisure Travel - Arizona to Utah

Leisure Travel: From Arizona to Utah

From the bloggers at Leisure Travel Vans:

Determined to get to the Grand Canyon before it got too hot, we got an early start. As we drove through the Coconino Forest up the Oak Creek Canyon Trail, we marvelled at the more than one million acres of forest – the largest in the United States.

When Mr. Gospel of AAA talked with us about Grand Canyon he said,” You look down, then you look up, then you travel on.” Turned out he was right because although it’s magnificent in its depth and vastness, it doesn’t have the aura of Sedona, the magic of Carlsbad or the wonder of the Petrified Forest.

I think what disappointed us most was the attitude of the crowds. In every park we had been in people had observed the magnificence with wonder and awe, even a sense of reverence. Here, perhaps because there were so many people who seemed to be in a rush to beat the crowds, there was only noise and confusion. It felt more like a big city than a sanctified wonder.

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