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LarryAlert offers campsite security for RVers

Consider This Technology today announced that the LarryAlert portable security device, which debuted at the Quartzsite RV show in January, has begun shipping to RV owners.

LarryAlert uses radar to create a virtual control area in three selectable zones that easily monitors action around the toys, tools and equipment people take outside when camping. The pocket-sized smart alert device connects to a smartphone app that allows RVers to keep an eye on their stuff while in crowded areas or open public spaces.

People can move around a truck, boat trailer, campsite or next to an RV without a problem. But, as soon as anyone enters the virtual protection area, an instant alert along with a burst of 15 sequential photos is sent to the user’s smartphone via an antennae-enhanced, long-range Wi-Fi signal.

The set-up option allows silent notification or a siren to be activated. Bonus feature includes a built-in microphone to greet friends or tell an intruder “hands off my stuff!” The manual photo feature allows a burst of photos to be taken anytime to check the area around the campsite.

“Now you can take your stuff with you without your stuff being taken from you,” said Deborah Wooden, co-founder of Consider This Technology.

The device features a 3D radar sensor, wide angle camera, siren and speaker, costs $149. The package includes a lithium rechargeable battery, charger adapter and micro USB cable, SD card, lock-down cable, adjustable suction cup mount, Velcro strap, carry bag, and quick-start guide.

For more information to to buy the device, visit www.larryalert.com.

LarryAlert - schematic

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