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The Lady is a Tramp: Sorta-lyzed for your protection

From the bloggers at The Lady is a Tramp

I have been a neat-nik most of my life, which for me also means being a clean freak. Having pets kept me from becoming a hermetically sealed germaphobe; there’s only so much clean you can accomplish when you live with animals. Still, I worked to keep my house spotless, cleaning it myself in between visits from the cleaning lady. Then, in preparation for the annual summer party, there was the deep clean, which included washing all windows inside and out, cleaning air vents and baseboards, polishing all the vintage furniture and wood trim, cleaning all glass and mirrors in the bar, waxing floors, and removing and cleaning all light fixtures.

Can I stop here for just a minute and say that I don’t miss that at all?

Now that I live in a motorhome, my standards of cleanliness have changed. When you drive your wheel estate, a certain amount of dust and grime sneaks in through the slides and vents and windows, even when they are closed.

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