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The Lady is a Tramp: Six months on the road

From the bloggers at The Lady is a Tramp

Six months ago today, I adopted a bonded pair of pups from the Friends of the Jackson Animal Shelter in Mississippi. Pinkie, the black female, was approximately three years old, and Rocket, the tan male, was about eight months old. We couldn’t be happier. Here’s a little update on my furry family.

As best anyone can tell, Miss Pinkie is a Chiweenie – Chihuahua and Dachshund. Rocket is probably her son, as he is Chiweenie also, but with a dash of something else – maybe Basset Hound, from the looks of his front paws. Another clue that Pinkie is Rocket’s mama is the infinite patience she displays with him; he is constantly trying to play with her, biting at her ears and legs and dragging her around by her collar if I forget to remove it between walks (or by the nape of her neck if I do). She never just hauls off and lets him have it (and I wish she would), but she threatens any other dog that gets near her.

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