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The Lady is a Tramp: If I should die before I wake

From the bloggers at The Lady is a Tramp.

When I lived in a sticks and bricks, I lived alone. I joked that if I died at home on a Friday, no one would know until Monday morning, when I did not report for work. But hey, at least someone would miss me before the domesticated critters started feeding on my carcass!

Now, traveling North America, I have no set schedule, except the one I make. I am accountable to no one. While my Facebook page and the map on the blog give a general idea of where I am at any given time, no one knows specifics, like the names of RV parks, or a detailed schedule.

On only one occasion, when I was taking a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, I called my friend Rhonda, gave her information about the whereabouts of the RV, and told her I would call her at a designated time to let her know that everything turned out okay.

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