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KY3: Five ways to save when you travel

From the writers at KY3.

Sticking to a budget can be really hard when you’re on vacation. The care free attitude can cost you when you get that credit card bill.

1. Don’t let your pocketbook become a roller coaster. Get organized.

“We planned it two summers ago,” said Cara Wooderson.

Wooderson and her family just got back from the Gulf Shores.

“We packed a lot of food before we left. We brought coolers and just went shopping when we got there,” she said.

2. Cook your own meals. Eating out three times a day could end up costing more than your flight or hotel.

3. Have a separate savings account for your vacation.

“A great thing to do is go to your bank and get yourself a credit or debit card for that bank account. And use that,” said Robert Baltzell with RLB Financial.

4. Consider all your options … Renting an RV might be cheaper than a cabin.

5. Don’t be Santa. Make a short list for who gets gifts.

To read the full story by KY3, click here.

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