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KSL: Kodachrome Basin State Park – truly a love story

From the bloggers at KSL.

Bob and Mira Ott were high school sweethearts.

“And I hated him because he teased me too much,” Mira said with a laugh. “But I sure do love him.”

“We were married in ‘51, and this year we’ve got 64 years,” said 81-year-old Mira, who still gets around without much of a problem. “We have differences of opinion, but he’s still my very best friend.”

“That’s what it means to us: everything, this place. It’s special,” said Bob, age 84.

He was talking about Kodachrome Basin State Park in Garfield County.

“We tell the public, sometimes, that it’s the closest they can get to heaven,” Bob said.

He and Mira started spending time together at Kodachrome well before it became a park in 1963 — before tourists required paved roads and RV-hookup campsites.

“We started from scratch; cleared the grass, the weeds, the brush. But as kids, we would come out here on field trips, and that’s what got us started out here,” Mira said.

It became a lifetime of adventure.

Bob and Mira built trails, named many of the rock formations, and even built and ran a small store in the park.

“Oh, goodness. We just had lots of good times, lots of good times,” said Mira, looking at the old wooden store.

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