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KPTV: Teen takes driver’s test in family’s RV

From the writers at KPTV.

It’s a challenge you would only receive from your dad, but 16-year-old Alexa Horkan was up for it.

The challenge: taking her drivers license exam in the family’s 31-foot RV.

“He’s always kind of pushing me to do things I don’t really think I can do,” Alexa said of her father, Tim Horkan.

Sure enough, she got behind the wheel of the RV, and it was off to the DMV.

“I just had a mindset of, it’s one time, and I’ll either make the memory, and if I fail, then I’ll come back and try again,” Alexa said.

Luckily, it only took her one try. She credits a lot of practice, and not having to parallel park the RV.

Her parents were proud.

“I was happy that she took the opportunity to take on the challenge,” Tim Horkan said.

To read the full story by KPTV, click here.

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