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KOA: Touring Crater Lake

From the bloggers at KOA.

Experience Crater Lake and Klamath Falls on this father/son adventure told by KOA Contributor, Chris Epting.

The National Park Service turned 100 this summer, so what better time to set off in search of those parks that have always been on your list? For my 22-year-old son and myself, Oregon’s surreal and majestic Crater Lake has long been a place we’d dreamed of visiting and since there’s a KOA right in nearby Klamath Falls we hit the road and headed north through California on I-5, and just over the border checked into our cabin. There had been a lot of snow up there this year and we were not sure what to expect at Crater Lake, which became a National Park back in 1902 (making it the fifth oldest in the country).

The Klamath Falls KOA Journey is a great launching pad for a Crater Lake adventure. Not even an hour away, you wind along scenic Highway 62 climbing approximately 3000 feet (to about 7000 feet)  until you reach the visitor center.

To read the full story by KOA, click here.

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