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KOA: Going to Glacier

From the bloggers at KOA.

The journey is just as stunning as the destination in this dream trip to Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park is among the A-list excursions of the national park experience—as in awesome, amazing, astonishing. But don’t forget that a route to any national park unit can include wonders along the way.

Start your journey into the Inland Empire with a glimpse into history. After staying a spell at Spokane KOA Journey or just a bit north at Newport / Little Diamond Lake KOA, it’s just a short drive to Newport, Wash., right along the Idaho border. Newport’s Pend Oreille County History Museum offers not only antique accoutrements—from a 1917 dental chair to a collection of old smoking pipes—but also a whole village.

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