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KOA: Five rules for building a campground craft kit

From the bloggers at KOA

Campgrounds are magical places where children can run, play, and enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun. From the moment we arrive at a KOA, our three boys race from the playground to the bounce pillow to the pool. This loop pretty much repeats itself until we hitch up to go home.

In the midst of all this action, however, kids might need a bit of downtime. We offer our own children a couple of opportunities during the day to sit down and enjoy a quiet activity. This can be an easy part of your camping routine as long as you are prepared with simple, no mess crafts and projects.

At the beginning of the camping season, we pack a family craft kit. The box is kept tucked away and only brought out for specific activities. When our boys ask to do a craft, we will give them a few options and then only bring out the items needed for the chosen activities. This ensures the supplies stay organized and stocked for the entire season.

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