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KOA: Dream vacation – on to Oregon

From the bloggers at KOA

In King Henry IV, Part 1, William Shakespeare gives these words to Prince Henry: “Lay thine ear close to the ground, and list if thou canst hear the tread of travelers.” Every year, February through October, the city of Ashland hosts the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. But instead of making that your singular destination, you can include it amid a grand tour. If you want to travel through some of America’s most unusual geography, schedule a summer excursion through southern Oregon and northern California.

“Wine loved I deeply, dice dearly,” says Edgar in Shakespeare’s King Lear, so start rolling from Reno, Nevada—perhaps setting off from Reno KOA Journey at Boomtown, alongside a casino. A journey of about 160 miles northwest will take you to Lassen Volcanic National Park, which offers the kind of fumaroles, boiling pools, and thumping mudpots found in Yellowstone, but without the crowds.

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