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KOA: College football camping guide

From the bloggers at KOA.

This college football camping guide will help you make sure your college football camping experience is a win!

There is something special about college football. It’s not just the game. It’s the entire experience that’s bigger than your standard sporting event. School loyalty runs deep and through its century-plus history, some of sports’ most famous rivalries and legends have made their mark on Saturdays in the fall.

That deep-running loyalty is only one of the factors that makes college football such an incredible experience. You can also throw the pageantry, atmosphere, and tradition into the mix among many others. Perhaps the best part of college football is the camaraderie that comes along with being a fan. College football fans proudly wear their team colors wherever they go and you can bet that if you walk into a bar or restaurant sporting your team gear, that any other fans of that team will welcome you with open arms.

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