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Kitsap Sun: A slow ride across America

From the bloggers at Kitsap Sun.

In June 2015, Matthew and Ashley French-Holt set out to visit all lower 48 states and hike in every national park along the way. After a little more than a year on the road, they’ve realized that rather than having the adventure of a lifetime, they are learning how to have a lifetime of adventure.

In their blog, “Adventure-Some,” the young married couple recounts their experiences. Part travelogue, part lifestyle guide, the posts are infused with their philosophy of living simply, embracing adventure, finding romance in day-to-day life and focusing on experiences instead of things.

“Our goal is not that you should sell all your stuff and live in an RV,” said Matthew. “It’s that you should lead an intentional life and pursue the adventure that’s available to you.”

To read the full story by The Kitsap Sun, click here.

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